Are you basic? A little chubby? Wearing too much make up?

Get rated on your looks with real people, no robots ever!  We are an independant group of dedicated individuals who are tired of people complementing others when they think otherwise.  

Simple to use and straight to the point with full honesty, this site isn't for the faint of heart!  
We won't lie, so you can beautify!
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How It Works
You're a 6/10...
Once you submit your photo to us, we'll send your free score!  If you want a more detailed assessment, you can choose our different pricings below!
We never save your photos and will never share them to the public, your rate is private!
WAIT! Not you? Get a free rating on your looks, no catch!  Just send an e-mail to:
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  1. Stranger Rate
    Free! No catch!
    Send us your a picture of your face and we'll rate it out of ten! Straight to the point with no catch at all!
  2. Acquaintance Rate
    $5 (tax free)
    You get a rate with a description of our first impressions! We'll tell you why you got your score and what we think you can improve upon. Full throttle honesty!
  3. BFF Rate
    $8 (tax free)
    You get the whole package! Everything in the Acquaintance Rate is included, as well as feedback on your body image/shape and your style! Feedback will be explained in full detail!
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